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About Us

If you think to spend your holidays in Rajasthan, India, you are most welcomed by Indian Tourism Packages. Do visit with us as you are yet to discover the wonderful marvels of the Rajasthan palaces and havelis where history still beckons. While coming to Rajasthan you can have mesmerizing experience of a camel ride on sand dunes, a royal Rajasthan hospitality, a folk singer in a village street, or a tour to the only living fort in India, Jaisalmer.
Traveling to Rajasthan, you can relish the unbelievable cultural heritage and the beauty of its marvelous historical monuments, awesome forts and temples and innumerable other fascinating holiday spots. The amazing architectural wonders of Rajasthan and desert life have attracted tourists for centuries. Rajasthan monuments and temples have been beautifully designed, carved and sculptured. The forts, tombs and palaces flaunt an elegant and majestic look which is stunning to the travelers. If you plan to visit Rajasthan with VR Group you can grasp this wonderful prospect of relishing the architectural marvels of India.
The most preferred tourist destination in India known for its historical monuments and forts is Rajasthan. So, to make your holidays in India more charming, don't forget to add Rajasthan in your list of travel destinations. You can have en elephant ride to the Amber Fort, a camel-drawn cart ride to the havelis of Shekhahwati region or camel ride to the sand dunes of Sam village. Even the sunset or sunrise is the most spectacular one on the golden sand dunes.
The geographical diversity will wonder you; in one side of the Rajasthan there is desert life and on the other side is the amazing natural beauty of the Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan and the wildlife parks.
Rajasthan hospitality is known worldwide due to its royal style. The heritage hotels in Rajasthan, once the forts of the kings can offer you a royal feel. Cuisine is delicious; even you can soothe your palate savoring the Bikaner sweets.
If you are shopaholic, Rajasthan is the right place to pick up the handicrafts, jewelries, bags, fabrics; you will find shop everywhere even in the drawing room of a havelis run by families.
Apart from monuments, VR Group provides a wide range of amazing Rajasthan Tour packages to choose from. You can select from Rajasthan Forts Tour, Rajasthan Palaces Tour, Rajasthan Desert Tour, Rajasthan Tribal Tour, Rajasthan Camel Safari Tour, Rajasthan Horse Safari Tour, Rajasthan Village Tour, Rajasthan Group Tour, Rajasthan Rail Tour, Rajasthan Wildlife Tour, Rajasthan Cultural Tour, Rajasthan Wedding Tours, Rajasthan Pilgrimage Tour and many more.
Make Enquiry VR Group dynamic team always explores the destinations and hotels before referring to any of our valued guest. We always feel that customer satisfaction is our main motto.