Horse Safari in Rajasthan India, Horse safari rajasthan

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Rajasthan Horse safari

Rajasthan Horse safari

Rajasthan Horse Safari is the perfect way to experience the mystic secrets of glorious Rajasthan, India. Explore the magical Rajputana on horseback with a Rajasthan Horse Safari tour and be a part of a land where valiant warriors fought great battles on horseback. The horse therefore is quite significant to the history of Rajasthan, India.

Ride different horse breeds such as Sindhi, Marwari or Kathiwari horses are also adept at traversing the desert countryside. Learn to balance yourself on horse back as your horse tugs along with a safari train through marked desert trails, past green patches, sandstone hills, desert dunes, majestic forts and exquisite palaces. Trails which take them through villages, pass huge and ancient forts and temples. Nights can be spent in ancient palaces and Garhs (small forts) now owned by the descendants of those glorious Rajput rulers. These palaces not only provide modern amenities but cultural programmes and entertainment is also available. Evenings are spent at campsites which are splashed with colour in the form of local folk dance and music.

Rajasthan Horse Safari packages include everything from tent equipment, safety measures, camp cooking arrangements and all conceivable paraphernalia required while on a camping tour to golden Rajasthan, India.

Rajasthan Safari Tour Booking

A Rajasthan Horse safari is best enjoyed during the months of October to March and every horse safari team is accompanied by a group of attendants and horse trainers.