Travel Gudie Rajasthan, Rajasthan Tourism Guide

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Rajasthan Travel Guide

Rajasthan is a popular destination for tourist from all over the world. Visitors are treated as God because the people believe in the phrase "Athithi Devo Bhavo" that means "Guest is God". Rajasthan has lots to offer to its visitor from food, textiles, leather shoes, bags, embroidered clothes, puppet show, camping and much more. But for your better convenience and safety VR Group gives you some travel tips :

Climate in Rajasthan
The climate in Rajasthan can be very extreme. It is very hot and dry in summer, over 40 degrees Celsius, particularly in the desert areas, where dust storms also occur, while night temperatures during the winter are cold. In summer adequate precautions need to be taken, to avoid the intense heat, such as wearing light cotton clothing, wearing a hat or sunshade while going outdoors and drinking plenty of liquids.
Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit is during the winter, when the days are pleasant and ideal for sightseeing.

Some Travel Tips :

  1. Money Exchange : Despite of rapid growth of Rajasthan still there are few money exchange centers in all the major cities.
  2. Passport &Visa : Always keep passport and visa handy for identification.
  3. Embassy: Always have the contact number of Embassy in case of emergency.
  4. Tourist Offices : Govt. of Rajasthan has many Rajasthan tourist offices around the state, so keep the telephone numbers of these offices.
  5. Plan Your Tour : Plan your Rajasthan Tour in advance keeping in mind the best time to visit, convenient travel mode
  6. Festival and Fairs : Look for the best time when popular fairs are conducted and also see the climatic condition during your visit
  7. Wildlife Sanctuary : Rajasthan is very rich with Fauna and Flora. Some must see Sanctuaries are Darrah Sanctuary, Bhensord Sanctuary, Bharatpur National Park, Kumbhalgarh Santuary, Mount Abu Sanctuary, Keoladeo National Sanctuary, Ranthambore and Sariska Tiger Reserve. Take precaution before going to Safari and also carry insect repellent.
  8. Rajasthan Hotels : Rajasthan hotel is the fastest growing industry. It has many five star hotel as well as budget hotel providing a better and comfortable accommodation.
  9. Shopping : Rajasthan is famous for Arts and Crafts and you can get all color possible in markets in cheap rates. You should try bargaining in local shop and have fun.
  10. Event calendar : Get an event calendar to know about the different location, how to reach and the timings of the event.
  11. Transportation : Do bit of research in the mode of transportation which suits you the best

Some Travel Risk :

  1. Don't hug any stranger for you might get frisked
  2. Utilize chains and to secure your luggage
  3. Eat and drink sufficient because it's a hot region and its better to keep oneself hydrated
  4. Keep medical handy kit
  5. Don't accept food from strangers and buy it only from good shops around.
  6. Don't stay out when it's too dark.
  7. Be alert all the time while traveling