wedding forts in Jaisalmer, wedding palace in Jaisalmer

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Wedding in Jaisalmer

A mammoth sand castle rising like a mirage out of the desert - that is the look of Jaisalmer, the ancient citadel on the caravan route linking India with Persia, Arabia and the Mediterranean. This architectural dream in the lonely, yellow silence of the Thar Desert was built in the 12th century by Jaisal, a Bhatti Prince. Very few cities can boast of the magnificence that surrounds Jaisalmer. There is a fort that seems to rise out of a desert miasma, its yellow sandstone walls and bastions taking on a golden hue in the afternoon sun, which is why it is suitably called Sonar Qila or the Golden Fort. Jaisalmer has a few quality Hotels offering banqueting facilities suitable for Wedding. Come to Jaisalmer and have an opportunity to get married at the land of sand dunes and camels.

How to Get There

Jaisalmer is accessible by Daily flight from New Delhi (international Airport). Nearest Airport is Jodhpur. Nearest Railway Station is Jaisalmer Junction.

Exotic Locations in Jaisalmer

1. Fort Rajwada:
Fort Rajwada Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

A great way to experience the golden city - Jaisalmer, Hotel Fort Rajwada stands tall with the superb architecture with the scenic and prosperous heritage of the golden city. This hotel is located in peaceful countryside just outside the golden city. Also known as the "Pride of Jaisalmer", the Hotel Fort Rajwada covers the area of 6 acres with royal interiors and gardens. It is the oasis of peacefulness and comforts.
Total no. of Rooms: 83
Rajasthan Wedding Booking

2. Gorbandh Palace:
Gorbandh Palace Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Built of yellow sandstone and intricately carved balconies, Gorbandh Palace hotel provides spectacular views of the acclaimed fort. It is located en route to the famous san dunes and offers contemporary luxuries in peaceful surroundings. The hotel organizes desert camps with Rajasthan's celebrated folk music and dance around a campfire on starlit evenings at the sand dunes. Having rich amenities this hotel provides a perfect royal wedding destination.
Total no. of Rooms: 67
Rajasthan Wedding Booking